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Alexander Zverev: Endorsements | Investments

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This article contains information about German professional tennis player Alexander Zverev’s brand endorsement deals and investments.

Alexander Zverev’s sponsors and brand endorsements over the years — Head, Adidas, Flowbank, Improvr, Icebein recovery, GOODWILL Private Aviation, VITALE 1913, Rolex, Zepter Hyperlight Eyewear, Peugeot, Zegna, TMGM, Richard Mille, Electronic Arts



Head roped in Zverev on a long-term deal in early 2018.

Aside from using Head racquets, Zverev also gets other equipment from the American-Austrian brand, including an eco-friendly tennis kit bag (Gravity R-Pet bag). The two parties also look to collaborate towards raising awareness for a sustainable future.

In January 2024, Head announced the signing of a new multi-year agreement with Zverev. The new agreement is set to run until 2030. 


German sportswear and sports equipment giant Adidas has been sponsoring Zverev since 2016.

As per the deal, Zverev wears Adidas apparel and footwear on matchdays while also promoting the brand via social media. 


In January 2024, Swiss online bank FlowBank signed a three-year partnership agreement with Zverev.

The deal sees FlowBank serve as Zverev’s Official Financial Partner and support him both on and off the court. Zverev sports the FlowBank logo on his playing kit and works with the bank on a host of projects to educate and inspire the upcoming generation of athletes about financial literacy. The two also collaborate on exclusive content, events and community outreach programmes. 


Zverev has been an ImproVR-sponsored athlete since 2021.

ImproVR is a German virtual reality (VR) tech company that develops immersive training solutions for athletes to improve their performance and skills.


icebein, a health and wellness company focused on providing innovative products and solutions to support physical recovery and overall wellbeing, roped in Zverev in December 2021. 

GOODWILL Private Aviation 

GOODWILL Private Aviation, a French private aviation company dedicated to catering to private and business travel needs, signed a sponsorship agreement with Zverev in 2021.

As per the deal, Zverev uses GOODWILL private jets when on tour. 

Vitale 1913 

Known for designing, producing and selling unique high jewellery and diamonds, Vitale 1913 is a Monaco-based company. Zverev signed a sponsorship agreement with it in 2023. 

As per the deal, Vitale 1913 created in 2023 unique necklaces for each Grand Slam Zverev participated in that year. Proceeds from the sale of these necklaces went towards supporting the causes looking after environment conservation and a more sustainable and nature-friendly future. 

Past endorsements


Zverev joined luxury Swiss watch brand Rolex in 2021 as a brand ambassador, joining the likes of Roger Federer, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Dominic Thiem. 

Zverev was last seen wearing a Rolex watch in July 2023. 

Zepter Hyperlight Eyewear 

In May 2022, Zepter Hyperlight Eyewear, a Swiss eyewear brand by Zepter International, announced the signing of Zverev as an official brand ambassador. 


In 2015, French car manufacturer Peugeot signed up Zverev as a brand ambassador. Zverev was a part of Peugeot’s digital “Drive to Tennis” campaign.


Zverev was roped in as a brand ambassador by Italian fashion brand Zegna in 2018. He was made the face of the brand’s “Z ZENGA” range.


CFD trading platform TMGM signed up Zverev at the start of 2021, ahead of that year’s Australian Open.

As per the deal, apart from sporting the TMGM logo on his kit, training jersey, jacket, as well as his team member kits, Zverev also donated to a local charity for every ace he hit during the 2021 Australian Open.

Richard Mille

In 2016, Zverev was signed on by luxury Swiss watch brand Richard Mille as a brand ambassador. He was reportedly referred to by Rafael Nadal and even had a 2018 special edition dedicated to him: the RM 67-02 Alexander Zverev Edition.

Electronic Arts 

American video game company Electronic Arts teamed up with Zverev in 2020.

As per the deal, Zverev was seen sporting the EA logo on his kit.


Alpine F1 Team 

In October 2023, Zverev announced via Instagram that he had become a co-investor in the Alpine Formula One team. 

Zverev joined a group of other sports celebrities with stakes in the French racing outfit, including Rory McIlroy, Anthony Joshua, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Juan Mata.

Loevik & Sons 

In August 2023, Alexander Zverev, along with his brother Mischa and three other partners, announced the launch of a clothing brand called “Loevik & Sons”. 



Germany-based international sports marketing agency SPORTFIVE announced a three-year partnership agreement with the management team of Alexander Zverev in January 2024.

The partnership sees SPORTFIVE work with Zverev’s team to “enhance Zverev’s global presence and to foster international partnership across diverse markets, including Europe, [the] USA and Asia.”

SPORTFIVE is also to work with the Alexander Zverev Foundation to help with its sales efforts and make a bigger impact both on and off the court. 

Alexander Zverev’s sponsors and brand endorsements over the years
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