Alexander Zverev’s Adidas Sponsorship in Jeopardy due to Public Outrage

November 3, 2020

Alexander Zverev, World No. 7, is having a very split year overall. While his on-court performances have been top-notch, off-court incidents have troubled the young German. These incidents could affect his tennis career.

The German has been at the receiving end of many backlashes lately after comments from two of his ex-girlfriends. The accusations made by them can put him in trouble with his sponsors, including Adidas. His sponsorship contract with Adidas is set to expire at the end of 2020, and it would be interesting to see how his sponsors react.

The controversy started when Zverev’s ex-girlfriend Brenda Patea announced she was pregnant with her and Zverev’s child, and she stated that she has no intention to share the child’s custody with the tennis player. It appears that things did not end on good terms between them.


Things became worse when Zerev’s other ex-girlfriend Olga Sharypova accused Zverev of abusing her. He reacted to the comments, denied them, and said he has no idea why Sharypova said those things about him.

A few days ago, because of the controversial comments made by Zerev’s ex-girlfriends, the Rolex Paris Masters Instagram handle had to delete the tennis player’s post as people negatively started commenting on the post.

There was also enough outrage to a post featuring Zverev made by the Paris-Bercy social media. The post was also deleted later.

For Zverev, time will tell how the personal situation pans out and how it affects his sponsorships and tennis career on and off the court. He is looking forward to the Rolex Paris Masters 2020 and the ATP Finals.

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