Astralis launches Blackbox Media

Aditya Chaudhuri Aditya Chaudhuri

Danish esports organisation Astralis has announced the launch of its own media company called Blackbox Media. Through the new company, Astralis hopes to help other brands reach out to wider audiences through marketing, production and branding services.

Astralis’ senior management, founder Jakob Lund Kristensen and CEO Anders Hørsholt, will be forming the board for Blackbox Media. Kristensen will serve as CEO and Co-founder, while Hørsholt will serve as the Chairman. Henrik Juul and Keld Reinicke will both serve as board members and Co-founders. 

Anders Hørsholt, CEO of Astralis and chairman of the board of Blackbox Media, commented:

To strengthen our overall business and position in the wide, vast, and growing gaming audience, we now launch a new modern media company with some of the most experienced and creative minds in the media- and advertising industry. Blackbox Media will be a unique and independent actor in the media industry, giving Astralis a much larger palette of media to work with and new opportunities vis-à-vis our existing and future commercial partners.

In our work over recent years, we have seen a growing world of opportunities in a significantly larger and even more commercially mature market, which no one has really managed to embrace and exploit. Our ambition is that Blackbox Media will become that entity, being its own business and ultimately strengthening Astralis’ commercial promise and position.

Jakob Lund Kristensen, co-founder and CEO of Blackbox Media, said:

For seven years, Astralis has been a leader in a market with a target audience that has grown explosively but is still only a fraction of the broader gaming market. We see huge potential in utilising our unique position and knowledge to reach much further than esports and Astralis can alone. Now, we are taking the next big step with the launch of Blackbox Media, which will help brands develop unique brand strategies, digital marketing, media understanding, creator activation, content production, and execution.

It requires a deep understanding of the new media landscape, a willingness to think further, and to move with the target audience, preferably a little ahead of it. I bring much experience from esports and digital entertainment, and together with Keld, Henrik, and the future organisation, we are well-equipped from the start. I am really looking forward to getting started.

Keld Reinicke, co-founder and board member of Blackbox Media, added:

At Blackbox Media, we want to become the leading, modern media company. We guide brands to their audience and help our customers understand the new media landscape in all its forms and developments, and we want to be part of the target group – from discovery to obsession. A deep data approach and a content understanding are at the core of everything we work with, as we are faced with a media market constantly changing at a speed that has already put many off. We want to enable our customers to build a modern media business and a business on modern media.

Henrik Juul, co-founder and board member of Blackbox Media, stated:

I am very excited at the prospect of getting started with Blackbox Media. We are going to bring to the market an entirely new approach to media and target groups, with the addition of extensive strategic and execution experience, knowledge of brands and marketing, as well as a deep understanding of tech, which means that we can help in a new, thoroughly integrated way.

Astralis launch Blackbox Media
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