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Lorenzo Sonego’s Brand Associations

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Lorenzo Sonego is a 26-year-old Italian tennis player who made his professional debut in 2016. He made his Grand Slam debut in the 2018 Australian Open and has won two singles titles so far in his career. 

Sonego has an estimated net worth of US$2m from both his on- and off-court outings. Here we take a look at his sponsors. 


Mizuno is a sports equipment and sportswear company based in Osaka and serves as the clothing and shoe sponsor for Sonego. The Italian is one of Mizuno’s top tennis athletes and is seen wearing its clothing and shoes for both training and matches


The Wilson Sporting Goods Company is an American sports equipment manufacturer. Lorenzo has a racquet sponsorship deal with Wilson and currently uses the Wilson Blade 98 Pro Stack racquet. 

Capri Watch 

Sonego is one of the few tennis players who serve as brand ambassadors to luxury Italian watch brand Capri Watch. The 26-year-old has been sponsored by Capri in many tournaments, and its logo is present on his shirt sleeves as well. 


Pulsee is an Italian (fully digital) light and gas supply brand that operates in the gas transportation and storage industry. Sonego has been previously seen as a brand ambassador for the company, with Pulsee’s logo visible in the chest area of his matchday shirts. 

Aceto Varvello

Aceto Varvello is an Italian vinegar and seasonal products manufacturer. Lorenzo wears the brand’s logo on his shirt sleeves.

Valmora Acqua Minerale

Valmora Acqua Minerale is a mineral water brand. Lorenzo has been an international brand ambassador for Valmora, with its logo visible on the right sleeve of his matchday shirts. 


TopSeed is an independent sports-marketing agency specialising in tennis and team sports. It offers unique full-service management to sports professionals. Sonego comes under the management of TopSeed as he was signed by them years ago at the beginning of his career.

We have seen TopSeed put up several posts about Sonego and his off-court work. 

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