Complete list of Major League Soccer Sponsors / Brand Partners 2023

Major League Soccer (MLS) Sponsors 2023

October 18, 2023

This article contains information regarding the organisations enjoying a strong branding presence across Major League Soccer’s (MLS) physical and digital assets as its sponsors and partners for the 2023 season.

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MLS Sponsors: Adidas, Allstate, Apple, AT&T, Audi, Avant, BODYARMOR, Campbell Snacks, Captain Morgan, Caterpillar, CELSIUS, Coca-Cola, Continental, DoorDash, EA SPORTS, Heineken, The Home Depot, IHG Hotels & Resorts, JLab, Procter & Gamble, Sorare, Target, Ticketmaster, TikTok, University of South Carolina, RBC Wealth Management

Corporate Partners


A multi-year extension of their agreement was announced by MLS and Adidas in February 2023. As part of the comprehensive deal, Adidas is to continue serving as an official supplier to MLS, its clubs and their youth academies.

The MLS-Adidas partnership was first established in 1996, the year the league was founded. In accordance with the extended contract, Adidas serves as the league’s official sponsor, footwear and apparel supplier. It also serves as the presenting partner of the MLS NEXT Golden Ball (MVP) and MLS NEXT Best XI awards. 

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American insurance company Allstate has been the official home, auto, life and retirement insurance partner of MLS since 2011. The deal entails brand integration across TV, digital, social media, public relations, in-stadium exposure, and on-site activations at important events — a multi-channel approach.


AT&T teamed up with the US Soccer Federation and MLS in 2009, becoming the latter’s “official communications sponsor” in the process. The agreement sees AT&T provide comprehensive behind-the-scenes content — from player interviews prior to games to notable highlights following them.

In 2017, AT&T renewed its sponsorship agreement with MLS, and as part of the extension, the telecom giant also became the presenting sponsor of the final day of the MLS regular season, while also continuing to sponsor the league’s Goal of the Week, Month and Year awards.


Since 2015, Audi America has been the official automobile partner of MLS. Through this partnership, more than 1,600 young players have benefited from improved educational opportunities, more than 130 young players have been given access to greater housing alternatives, and MLS academies have reportedly received US$4m worth of financial support.  

The two parties announced in February 2023 that their cooperation would be extended. Under the terms of the new agreement, Audi continues to serve as the league’s official automotive partner, the title sponsor of the MLS Cup Playoffs, as well as the presenter of the MLS Golden Boot award.

The Audi Goals Drive Progress Impact Award, presented by MLS WORKS, is a new initiative debuted during the 2023 MLS season and is aimed at honouring the MLS players’ volunteer activities in the community.


A multi-year agreement between MLS and Avant, a credit-first neobank and financial technology firm that provides consumers with access to financial solutions, was announced in August 2022.

As per the deal, pre-sales on tickets, express entry for key events, and merchandise are made available to Avant cardholders. Additionally, 21 US-based MLS clubs have granted Avant the license to design specific credit card layouts for them. The partnership also includes the inclusion of Avant at important MLS events, including the MLS All-Star Game presented by Target, the MLS Cup Playoffs and the MLS Cup. Avant also joins Univision as a Presenting Sponsor for MLS games.


In September 2019, MLS established a multi-year collaboration with US-based beverage firm BODYARMOR, the latter becoming the league’s official sports drink partner in the process.

As per the deal, BODYARMOR’s logo and branding are present on the coolers, cups, squirt bottles and towels on the sidelines during the MLS games played in the US since the 2020 season. BODYARMOR sports drinks are also made available to the players on the sidelines, both at matches and practice sessions, in locker rooms, and at training facilities. MLS and BODYARMOR have also worked together to create creative, exclusive content featuring prominent MLS players.

Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan and MLS reached an agreement in 2019, making the former the league’s official spiced rum and exclusive spirits partner. The deal entails production of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum bottles with personalised branding featuring the official team colours and crests of MLS sides.

The MLS deal allowed Captain Morgan to enter the Canadian in 2020. Captain Morgan is promoted at MLS venues through pitch signage at MLS Canada’s three clubs as well as through broadcast advertisements on TSN and TVA sports as well as on digital MLS channels.


Caterpillar, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of mining and construction equipment, announced in May 2022 that it would sponsor MLS. The sponsorship is intended to increase awareness of the Caterpillar brand among a wider, more diverse audience across the US and Canada as well as to deepen engagement with the league’s fans. Additionally, Caterpillar dealers get access to special football events for their employees, clients and families.


Energy drink company Celsius Holdings signed a three-year deal with MLS in August 2023.

As per the deal, CELSIUS Fitness Drinks acts as the official energy drink of the league as well as the presenting partner of added time at the end of either half of an MLS game. CELSIUS assets also appear on the LED boards that track substitutions and extra-time minutes, with the brand having also pledged to run campaigns for consumers and other activations during MLS matches.

Campbell Snacks

A division of US-based Campbell Soup Company, Campbell Snacks was announced as an MLS sponsor in June 2023 in a deal set to run until the end of the 2026 MLS season.

As per the deal, Campbell Snacks serves as the official snack sponsor of Major League Soccer and runs commercials at stadiums, storefront displays and community outreach initiatives in select regions. The brand also gains presence at major MLS events, such as the MLS All-Star Game and the MLS Cup.

In addition, Campbell also works on charitable programmes in areas and communities all throughout the league in collaboration with MLS WORKS.


The Coca-Cola Company, the US Soccer Federation and MLS announced a multi-year collaboration deal in 2015 in order to help football in the US reach new heights. The Coca-Cola Company was chosen as US Soccer’s official beverage partner for all non-alcoholic beverage categories, including carbonated beverages and water.


German multinational tyre producer Continental and MLS have been working together since 2010. In 2021, the two re-affirmed their long-standing collaboration, with Continental continuing to be an official partner to all MLS clubs.

As per the deal with MLS, Continental benefits from strategic brand integration across broadcast, digital, video, content, and in-stadium exposure. It is also given on-site activation at important MLS events, like the MLS Cup and the MLS All-Star Week. Continental has also kept up its support for MLS’s social responsibility initiative. 


A multi-year collaboration between MLS and DoorDash, a tech company founded in 2013, which made the latter the official on-demand delivery platform of MLS, MLS NEXT and eMLS, was announced in March 2022. 

To mark the beginning of their collaboration, MLS NEXT and DoorDash introduced “MLS NEXT Delivering Access presented by DoorDash”, a programme designed to help the upcoming football stars. Since the 2022 season, DoorDash and MLS NEXT have collaborated to offer young football players in the US and Canada training and competition opportunities. MLS NEXT Delivering Access, offered by DoorDash, relieves football communities throughout the MLS NEXT ecosystem by sharing stories of self-sacrifice by football players.

EA Sports

EA Sports, Electronic Arts’ sports simulation video games-developing division, is an official partner of both MLS and its official esports league, eMLS, which was established in 2018. The two parties announced an extension of their long-term partnership in August 2022.

As per the current deal between the two parties, EA Sports continues to support eMLS League Series 1 and 2, as well as the eMLS Cup, which are all based on EA Sports’ FIFA series, soon to become EAFC.

Along with social media advertising across MLS and its clubs’ platforms, the deal also features joint marketing efforts from MLS and EA Sports. All FIFA games (and EAFC going forward), have featured a fully-licensed version of the league over the course of the partnership.


More than one million Heineken pints are served at MLS games each year in stadiums throughout the US and Canada thanks to the agreement between the two parties that began in 2014 and also includes MLS Heineken Rivalry Week contests.

Heineken declared in 2018 that it had extended its long-term association with MLS for an extra five years as the league’s official beer. The renewed contract continues to support the rivalries and competition that the sport brings, while also continuing to provide the fans with a superior game-day experience.

The Home Depot

Retail chain Home Depot has been the league’s sole home improvement retailer since 2008. MLS and Home Depot announced a multi-year sponsorship contract in 2019 that extended through to 2022 and was again renewed in 2023.

As part of the contract, MLS and Home Depot cooperate on fan experiences and aim to expand the game across North America. Home Depot indulges in branded storytelling catered to MLS fans through the renewal, as well as activations at significant MLS matches.

IHG Hotels & Resort

A deal between MLS and IHG Hotels & Resorts (IHG), a UK-based market leader in global hospitality, was announced in June 2022. IHG is identified in the agreement as the Official Hotel Partner of MLS.

As per the deal, IHG and MLS work together to develop exclusive experiences available only to IHG One Rewards members and MLS supporters. IHG One Rewards members can use their points to purchase MLS tickets, gain VIP access to upscale football events and MLS experiences, unique league content and other items. IHG branding is also present at important MLS occasions, like the MLS All-Star Game, and the MLS Cup.


MLS and JLab Audio, an eminent audio firm and wireless brand in the US, announced a multi-year renewal of their collaboration in 2020, which entailed JLab continuing as the league’s official audio and microphone partner. The agreement was first established in 2017; with the renewed agreement, JLab also took on the role of becoming eMLS’s official audio and microphone partner. 

The current deal also includes brand connections for digital, video, and content brands, in-stadium exposure, and product synergies throughout MLS studio shows and entertainment systems at MLS events. JLab has also provided fans with ultimate experience packages, awards and more to mark the collaboration. 

Procter & Gamble

In 2021, consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble, established a broad collaboration with MLS, enabling its brands Gillette, Old Spice, Crest, Oral-B, Dawn, Charmin and Bounty to engage with the MLS fandom.

As per the agreement, P&G also sponsors the MLS All-Star Game, the Leagues Cup, the Campeones Cup, and the Mexican national team’s US Tour (Mex Tour). P&G and MLS also work together on initiatives to help regional communities and improve equity and inclusion in sport.


Sorare is a blockchain-based digital collectibles and fantasy football platform developed by Saint-Mandé, Paris-headquartered French company SORARE SAS.

In 2022, MLS signed a multi-year agreement with Sorare, which thus became the league’s official NFT (non-fungible tokens) Fantasy Game.

The deal makes use of the creative leadership of MLS and Sorare at the crossroads of gaming, sports and technology. In the spring of 2022, a unique NFT collection from Sorare was put on sale, allowing fans to acquire and use their favourite MLS clubs and players in their fantasy game lineups.

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In its largest-ever venture into team sports, Target in 2017 announced a multi-year partnership with MLS. The Minneapolis-based retailer’s contract with MLS includes player appearances, in-stadium experiences, airtime during broadcasts on Fox Sports, ESPN and Univision, and ownership of some key MLS platforms.

The two parties last renewed their agreement in 2019. 


As part of a multi-year agreement, MLS designated Ticketmaster as its Official Ticketing Partner in March 2023.

As per the deal, Ticketmaster aims to simplify the fans’ ticket-booking experience for MLS games. Additionally, Ticketmaster also collaborates with MLS to provide customised solutions aimed at strengthening fan bonds via innovative engagement technologies and branded experience.


Major League Soccer (MLS) and Chinese video-sharing social media platform TikTok entered into a multi-year collaboration in March 2023.

As per the deal, MLS shares on TikTok exclusive content and in-app programming. The deal also entails in-stadium activations and sponsorship of various MLS events and competitions for TikTok.

University of South Carolina

A multi-year agreement between MLS and the University of South Carolina was announced in April 2021, making it an official academic partner of of the league.

Through the deal, current and former MLS players have access to online learning opportunities via the university. A number of community activities are also included in the agreement.

RBC Wealth Management

In February 2023, RBC Wealth Management, a US-based financial management organisation, and MLS announced a multi-year deal.

As per the deal, RBC Wealth Management features at MLS Player Engagement events and offer a range of workshops and educational opportunities to the players. The collaboration also features brand integration for RBC Wealth Management across streaming and digital platforms, along with in-stadium and on-site activation at key MLS events.

MLS Supplier


Imagn, a leading photo wire service and business unit of Gannett and Co, was announced as an Official Supplier and the Official Photography Partner of MLS in May 2021.

Imagn also announced at the time a long-term partnership with the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA) as well as its group licensing partner, OneTeam Partners.

Broadcast Partners


MLS and Apple signed a ten-year contract, reportedly worth US$2.5 billion, in June 2022.

As per the deal, starting with the 2023 MLS season, all live league games are available exclusively on Apple TV. In addition to games, replays, highlights, commentary, a new weekly live match show, and other exclusive content are also on offer on Apple’s proprietary streaming platform.

TSN | TVA Sports | RDS

In 2017, MLS announced media deals in Canada, including a five-year contract with TSN and another five-year deal with TVA Sports, which allowed the network to broadcast MLS games in French across Canada. 

TSN, which has been an official MLS broadcaster since 2011, expanded its coverage in 2017. It provided exclusive English-language coverage of each game involving Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps FC, as well as major games involving American clubs during the 2017 MLS season. 

Apart from being the exclusive French-language broadcaster of CF Montréal games, TVA Sports also serves as an official MLS broadcaster. The MLS All-Star Game, the Audi MLS Cup Playoffs, and the MLS Cup games are all aired there exclusively in French on TVA Sports. Both the deals got renewed in 2022. 

RDS was previously a league partner from 2011 to 2017. This deal later got renewed in 2023.

Fox Sports

In 2022, Fox Sports began airing MLS matches in the US as part of a four-year deal with the league, which ended the broadcasting run of ESPN and ABC since the league’s inception in 1996. At least 34 regular season games, eight Playoffs games, and MLS Cup games are broadcast on Fox Sports.



MLS announced IMG ARENA, a sports data and technology company with headquarters in London, as its Official Data Distribution Partner in July 2022.

As per the deal, IMG ARENA provides MLS’s betting and media partners with official data, content solutions, fan analytics and marketing tools along with three new MLS live data streams, which are intended to improve the fan experience through a variety of digital, media and betting offerings.

Additionally, the league, its teams, and partners are able to leverage data, graphics and insights provided by IMG ARENA to improve the game because of a new digital product suite delivered by the two parties.

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