Global tennis star Roger Federer, who has also served as Swiss flag bearer in the Olympics, signed a partnership with Switzerland Tourism.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion has agreed to a long-term co-operation with the Swiss national tourism board, Switzerland Tourism (ST), to attract travelers to the country.

The RF and ST alliance has a common goal to attract tourists to visit Switzerland to enjoy its energizing nature.  

 A Swiss Tourism ad campaign starring Federer energized by Swiss nature will begin in April, focusing on European cities and campaigns in America and the Asia Pacific.

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A remarkable aspect of this partnership is that Federer is promoting Switzerland Tourism for a charitable cause. The compensation for his appearances as the new ambassador for ST goes to the Roger Federer Foundation supporting disadvantaged children in Switzerland.

Federer said, “I have always felt, whenever I step on the court, I am representing Switzerland. Whenever it says my name, there is a Swiss flag next to it. I have been very proud to do that for the first 22 years I have been on tour, and it will always be like that. I’ve always felt like I’ve been an ambassador to the country. People always told me besides chocolate and mountains and all that stuff, people always refer back to me they say ‘Oh you’re from Switzerland. Oh Federer comes from there.’ To join forces with ST now is a logical step for me.”

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Switzerland Tourism’s CEO, Martin Nydegger, said, “This is a perfect match, because Switzerland and its unblemished nature have clearly contributed to Roger’s unprecedented career. Switzerland Tourism and Roger Federer share countless values. Establishing this partnership is a unique opportunity and of great importance to us. Making a difference while recovering from the challenges of the past months and beyond will be a journey with numerous highlights.”