Thug Invitational returns for Season 6

Aditya Chaudhuri Aditya Chaudhuri

Season 6 of Thug Invitational, India’s foremost Road to Valor tournament with a whopping prize pool of ?2,00,000, kicked off on May 10, 2023. Sponsored by Monster Energy and powered by UniPin India, the tournament is set to feature 32 of the country’s leading gaming streamers and content creators going head-to-head against each other in the three-day event. 

Thug Invitational is a high-profile esports tournaments series spearheaded by Animesh Agarwal that has been making waves in the Indian gaming industry, featuring prominent teams competing in multiple titles over the years. The upcoming sixth edition of the tournament is set to feature the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game Road to Valor.

Thug Invitational Season 6 is set to feature a format spanning over three days, including five rounds of intense gameplay from notable male and female gamers, including Scout, Mavi, KaashPlays, 8Bit Goldy, KrutikaPlays, 8Bit Beg4mercy, S8UL Regaltos, PayalGaming, 8Bit Mafia and many more. The tournament kicked off with a best-of-seven format for the first round and is to be followed by the Round of 16, the quarter-finals, the semi-finals and the grand finals, which will all be played in a best-of-11 format.

While this season’s champion will be awarded a grand prize of ?2,00,000, the second- and third-placed players will be awarded 1,00,000 and 50,000 gems, respectively. These gems can be utilised by the players in-game to access exclusive benefits.

Animesh Agarwal, Founder and CEO of 8Bit Creatives, commented:

The highly anticipated sixth season of the Thug Invitational is here now, and we cannot wait to see the best gaming talents from across the country converge on a single platform to showcase their skills. In a bid to create an event that truly showcases the very best of what gaming has to offer, we have invited 32 of India’s biggest streamers with a cumulative subscriber base of over 1 billion and raised the bar for Esports tournaments in the country. We’re thrilled to bring this unforgettable experience to the entire gaming community after a long wait of almost a year and we have been working hard to ensure that it leaves a lasting impression on fans.

With the Esports community of the country branching out to different Esports titles across all platforms, we are excited to include Road to Valor for Thug Invitational Season 6 as we believe it will elevate this year’s tournament to greater heights of excitement. We eagerly await the tournament’s commencement and are looking forward to witnessing its top-notch action that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

The tournament is being streamed live on 8Bit Thug’s Glance Gaming and YouTube channels.

The Thug Invitational returns for Season 6
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