Adidas Celebrates Benzema’s Ballon d’Or with Stunning Film and Golden Memorabilia

Adidas celebrates Benzema’s Ballon d’Or win with stunning film and golden memorabilia

October 18, 2022

Since 2005 Karim Benzema has challenged for the highest honour of the game. With his golden touch, he’s overcome all rivals and become one of the most decorated players of this era. His historic Ballon d’Or win on 17 October 2022 in Paris marks what has not just been a remarkable season, but a remarkable career.

Winning this honour is a moment that reflects all games leading up to it. Showing that Impossible Is Nothing, Benzema’s iconic hand bandage is not only a signature look for the player, it’s a metaphor for his triumph over footballing challenges. After a series of injuries to his hand in 2019 that led to him having to wear it during every game, it represents the on-pitch battles he has both endured and prevailed over to make it to where he is now — at the very top of world football.  

In celebration of this accolade, Adidas reveals a stunning film, Hand of Gold, that embodies the idea that everything KB9 touches on-pitch turns to gold. The film shows Benzema’s hand bandage turn from white to the colour of victory, communicating the inspiring story of a young boy from Bron in France, who shaped a career through determination to make it to the top.

Since 2007, Adidas has partnered with Benzema, celebrating on-pitch achievements at various milestones in his career, including this historical win. To further mark this milestone, the brand has created a hyper limited not-for-sale golden X Speedportal boot for Benzema.

Further, Adidas and Benezema’s club, Real Madrid, have collaborated for a special edition gold name and numbered Real Madrid Kit, which is available for a limited time from 18 October 2022, on Real Madrid Official stores, realmadrid.com and select Adidas stores.

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