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Football Sponsorships That Had Us Scratching Our Heads

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Football, the world’s most popular sport, has attracted numerous sponsors seeking to capitalize on its vast audience. While many sponsorships align well with teams, others have left us scratching our heads in bewilderment. Nevertheless, sponsorships remain an essential part of the sport, providing financial support and resources for club development.

These sponsorships have played a critical role in ensuring the success of some of the biggest football clubs in the world. From Manchester United to Arsenal, sponsorships have contributed significantly to making football a globally recognized sport. Even small online bookmakers like Unibet, Topsport, Palmerbet, and Bluebet have recognized the reach and potential of football. Now small bookmakers are joining the sponsors’ club by striking deals with sports clubs worldwide.

 In this article, we’ll look at several football sponsorships that have gained notoriety for their absurdity and made waves in the sport. We’ll showcase the bizarre and sometimes hilarious world of sports marketing, from Atletico Madrid’s peculiar sponsorship deal with a film to the controversial Barcelona deal with the Qatar foundation.

Despite their oddity, these sponsorships have added to the excitement and entertainment that football provides. They have also helped bring attention to lesser-known clubs and create unique marketing opportunities for the sport and sponsors. Whether you’re a football fan or just curious about the world of sports marketing, join us as we delve into the absurd and sometimes hilarious world of football sponsorships.

1. Atletico Madrid and the Film “Kazakhstan.”

In 2006, Spanish football club Atletico Madrid entered a peculiar sponsorship deal with the film “Kazakhstan.” The movie, a Spanish comedy, had little to do with the country of Kazakhstan or football. Nevertheless, the club’s players donned jerseys featuring the film’s title, which left fans and spectators wondering about the connection between the movie and the team. This perplexing partnership remains one of the most bizarre football sponsorships ever witnessed.

2. Huddersfield Town and Paddy Power

In 2019, English football club Huddersfield Town announced a sponsorship deal with bookmaker Paddy Power. The partnership was initially met with skepticism due to Paddy Power’s reputation for outlandish marketing stunts. The suspicion was well-founded, as Huddersfield Town’s players took to the field wearing jerseys with a massive Paddy Power sash logo. The action was so audacious that it led to a backlash from fans and a reprimand from the Football Association. Eventually, Paddy Power admitted that the oversized logo was a hoax and part of a marketing campaign to promote its “Save Our Shirt” initiative, which aimed to remove sponsor logos from football jerseys.

3. West Bromwich Albion and Zoopla

In 2013, West Bromwich Albion, an English football club, secured a sponsorship deal with Zoopla, an online property company. The partnership took a peculiar turn when Zoopla requested that the club’s striker, Nicolas Anelka, be dropped from the team after he made a controversial gesture during a match. Zoopla’s intervention in the team’s lineup was unprecedented and raised questions about the extent to which sponsors should influence a club’s decisions. Ultimately, the sponsorship deal ended prematurely, and Zoopla’s involvement in the club’s affairs remains a cautionary tale.

4. Inverness Caledonian Thistle and GetPaidTo.com

In 2007, Scottish football club Inverness Caledonian Thistle signed a sponsorship deal with GetPaidTo.com, a website that rewards users for completing various tasks, such as shopping, taking surveys, or watching videos. The deal saw the club’s players wear jerseys featuring the website’s logo, which raised eyebrows due to its potential to encourage gambling and irresponsible financial behaviour. The peculiar partnership highlighted the ethical dilemmas that can arise from football sponsorships, sparking debate about the appropriateness of certain sponsors for sports teams.

5. Barcelona FC and Qatar Foundation

In 2011, Barcelona FC, one of the world’s most famous football clubs, struck a sponsorship deal with the Qatar Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to education and scientific research. The partnership, which marked the first time the club had agreed to feature a paid sponsor on its jerseys, was criticized by fans who felt the deal compromised its values. While the sponsorship deal was lucrative, it sparked controversy and calls for greater transparency in football sponsorship agreements.

 6. Cardiff City and Malaysia’s Visit Malaysia Campaign

In 2010, Cardiff City, a Welsh football club, entered into a sponsorship agreement with the Malaysian government’s “Visit Malaysia” tourism campaign. The deal saw the club change its traditional blue home kit to red and incorporate a dragon logo, which led to fan outrage and accusations of sacrificing the club’s identity for financial gain. Although the sponsorship brought significant funds to the club, the decision to alter the team’s colours and crest remains a contentious issue among Cardiff City supporters.


While football sponsorships can bring substantial financial benefits to clubs and sponsors alike, these examples prove that not all partnerships are a match made in heaven. The most absurd football sponsorships have left fans and observers scratching their heads, wondering how these peculiar deals came to fruition. As the world of sports marketing continues to evolve, we can only hope that future sponsorships will prioritize the interests of clubs, fans, and the sport itself, rather than simply chasing financial gains.

Football Sponsorships That Had Us Scratching Our Heads
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