<strong>Getting Started as a Lakers Fan</strong>

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So, you’ve decided that you want to be a Lakers fan? This might not always feel like a decision you’ve made consciously, but feeling like you’re drawn to one particular team is a sentiment many sports fans might be familiar with.

It’s an exciting moment, as it feels as though the path before you is wide open, with plenty to discover and learn that can only strengthen your involvement and appreciation for your new-found team (and surrounding community).

Still, regardless of whether or not you’re already a basketball fan, you might be looking for some direction as to where to begin. If you’re coming in completely blind, you want to ensure you get off on the right foot with the Lakers and become a true, loyal, long-term fan who supports the players and enjoys the NBA.

With that in mind, here are a few tips on getting started as a brand-new Lakers fan and how you can make the most of getting to grips with your budding new passion for the team – and the game!

What’s Coming Up

When you’re just starting out, you don’t necessarily want to encumber yourself with heaps of history and stats that can come later if you find yourself adequately interested – but you want to feel compelled to search for it, not have it forced on you. Instead, you might find that the most logical approach is to look at what’s coming up and get yourself ready to enjoy the game however you like to do so best.

Some people will want to watch the game live to strengthen that sense of personal involvement or perhaps bet on the matches. If the latter interests you, it’s important that you seek out a reliable outlet, such as NBA betting on Unibet Sportsbook, while studying the odds to make smart bets. Being aware of responsible betting is also wise as a beginner – that way, you can enjoy the excitement that betting on matches can evoke without letting it take over.

The History and the Stats

If you watch enough Lakers games and start to feel like a true team follower, you might feel as though you’re sufficiently motivated to start learning more about the team’s history. This can be something that seems almost as exciting as waiting for what’s to come, as any team with a record like the Lakers is going to have a lot for you to dig into.

Different people will have unique interests here, but your choices are certainly varied. Current player stats, old players and how they stack up, greatest highlights, most crushing defeats, the tournaments they’ve been a part of, maybe even the history outside of the games – the list just goes on and on.

Play the Game

Perhaps the best way for you to start feeling a deeper connection to the game of basketball is to get more involved for yourself. In terms of video games, your options are quite limited. While there would be the NBA Live game series for you to do this with, the series was canceled in 2019, unlike its more fortunate sports counterparts like FIFA.

That being said, there is still the more popular NBA 2K series ongoing, with its latest release 2K23 dropping in September. Additionally, even if you don’t enjoy video games, it doesn’t rule out playing the game physically with your friends. Not only is this a great way to get exercise, but it can be a way to freshen up how you socialize.

Getting Started as a Lakers Fan
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