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Lux Cozi names Sourav Ganguly brand ambassador

Bhavya Das Bhavya Das

Sourav Ganguly, former Team India captain and current BCCI president, has been signed on by innerwear company Lux Industries Limited as a brand ambassador for its Lux Cozi line. 

With Ganguly becoming a brand ambassador for Lux Cozi alongside Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan, the firm has also launched a new television commercial film #PorleEMonKhushi starring Ganguly.

Commenting on the deal, Chairman of Lux Industries Ashok Todi said:

“We have always been a consumer-driven brand and we believe in appointing our brand emissaries who help our customers connect better with us. It gives me immense joy to say this is a move that will be setting new standards. There could not have been a better face than Ganguly who could represent us to take our message to our consumers.”

Saket Todi, Executive Director, Lux Industries, stated:

“Lux Industries’ core business strategy includes openness to constant revolution and advancement in our product range and brand identity. As a result, we are thrilled to have Sourav partnering with Lux Cozi. We all hold Dada in the highest esteem, and his popularity continues to grow. We are confident his onboarding as an ambassador of Lux Cozi will help us to collaborate better with our consumers, both in urban and rural markets.”

Sourav Ganguly added: 

“I am delighted to partner with them, an iconic Indian brand. The company has changed the hosiery industry of the country and has been the forerunner in many aspects setting benchmarks for others in the industry to follow. I hope that together we can take the brand to newer heights.”

Lux Cozi names Sourav Ganguly as brand ambassador
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