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The Greatest Goals in EURO Cup History: Top 5 Unforgettable Moments

Rahul Naresh Rahul Naresh

The European Championship is one of the biggest and most exciting football tournaments in the world. Over many years, this special event has given us some truly amazing moments that fans will never forget. From individual players doing incredible things to whole teams working together perfectly, the EURO Cup has seen it all. Superstar players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovich, Romelu Lukaku, Harry Kane, and Antoine Griezmann have all played in the European Championship. These world-class athletes have the special ability to do the impossible on the field and produce moments of magic. Their skills and talents have created unbelievable highlights that live on in football history. As we look back at the best of the EURO Cup, we are going to relive the top six most amazing goals ever scored in this tournament.

1. Marco van Basten vs Soviet Union in Euro 1988

Marco van Basten's incredible goal against the Soviet Union.

If you are searching for the best goal that has been scored in the EURO Tournament since 1960, then there is hardly a possibility of going past Bastern’s goal which he scored in the 1988 EURO Cup. Marco van Basten’s jaw-dropping volley for the Netherlands against the Soviet Union in the 1988 final was a goal that defied logic and left everyone watching in total disbelief. Van Basten was way out wide when the ball came towards him, in a position that seemed impossible to score from. But with one sweetly struck volley, he produced magic.


The ball flew through the air with pinpoint accuracy and blistering pace, finding the top corner before the goalkeeper could even move. It was the ultimate combination of technique, power, and audacity. This breathtaking goal put the Netherlands 2-0 up in the final, setting them on course to win their first EURO title. For the Dutch fans, it was a moment of pure ecstasy. 

2. Ronnie Whelan vs Soviet Union in Euro 1988

Ronnie Whelan's great strike in a match against the Soviet Union.

The 1988 European Championship was a tournament filled with incredible goals, and another strike that stood out as truly special was of Ronnie Whelan. It came in the group stage match between the Republic of Ireland and the mighty Soviet Union team. Ireland had a secret weapon – long throw-ins that caused chaos in the opposition’s penalty area. One such launch into the box created pandemonium, with Soviet defenders struggling to clear. As the ball looped up, Irish midfielder Ronnie Whelan saw his chance.


With perfect timing, Whelan met the dropping ball with an outrageous acrobatic volley. He leaned back and connected sweetly, generating amazing power and dip. The ball arrowed past the despairing Soviet goalkeeper and into the top corner before he could even react. For the Irish fans, it was a moment of pure joy and excitement. Their underdog team had just scored one of the most spectacular goals of the whole tournament against the powerful Soviet team. Even though the match ended in a 1-1 draw, Whelan’s wonderful strike became an iconic moment that everyone remembered from Euro 88.

3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs Italy in Euro 2004

Find out how Zlatan Ibrahimovic beat one of the best keepers in the world.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is known for doing amazing things with football. At Euro 2004, he scored one of the craziest goals ever against the strong Italy team. With his back towards the goal and the ball bouncing awkwardly, Zlatan was in a very tough spot. The great Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon was right in front of him, blocking almost every angle to score. It looked impossible for Zlatan to get a shot on target. But then Zlatan did something incredible and cheeky. With a brilliant heel flick, he scooped the ball up and over Buffon’s head, looping it towards the empty net. 

A defender ran back but could only watch as the ball dropped into the one area he couldn’t cover. It was such a crazy, outrageous way to score – very cheeky but done with perfect skill. Zlatan had beaten one of the world’s best keepers from an impossible position through quick-thinking genius. The crowd went crazy, cheering and gasping in disbelief. Though the match ended 1-1, Zlatan’s magical moment grabbed all the attention. It was a goal that showed his amazing talent – making the impossible look easy through unbelievable skill.

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs France in Euro 2012

Sweden's famous victory over Italy thanks to Zlatan Ibrahimovic's strike.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a true master when it comes to scoring amazing goals. At Euro 2012, he proved his genius once again with a strike so brilliant and acrobatic that it left everyone speechless. It started with a hopeful cross into the French penalty area that seemed rather aimless. But as the ball hung in the air, Zlatan saw an outrageous opportunity. Using his martial arts skills, he launched himself into an incredible kung-fu-style kick. With his body arched and legs flying high, Zlatan connected perfectly with the dropping ball, generating tremendous power. 

It arrowed like a rocket into the far bottom corner before the French goalkeeper could even move. It was a goal of phenomenal technique, athleticism, and audacity. Zlatan had somehow twisted his body and lashed home a ferocious kung-fu volley from an awkward position. The sheer improvisation and skill were mind-blowing. The Swedish bench exploded in delight, while the French players could only look on in disbelief. Zlatan’s wonder strike put Sweden 2-0 up and on course for a famous victory over the pre-tournament favourites.

5. Karel Poborsky vs Portugal in Euro 1996

Read how Karel Poborsky's goal put the Czech Republic team into the semi-finals.

For every Portugal fan, one goal remains unforgettable, Karel Poborsky’s amazing chip for the Czech Republic at Euro 1996. This goal was so unique and daring that it quickly became a classic. During the match, Czech winger Poborsky made a fantastic run, weaving past the Portuguese defenders. As he reached the penalty box, it seemed like he had run out of options. But then, Poborsky did something incredible. Instead of taking a regular shot, he cleverly scooped the ball over the oncoming goalkeeper with the underside of his boot. 

The ball soared high and then dipped perfectly under the crossbar, leaving the goalkeeper helpless and the crowd in awe. The way he scored was so unorthodox and cheeky, yet it was executed with flawless technique and calmness. Poborsky had effectively lobbed the goalkeeper from just a few yards away with his quick-thinking brilliance. The Czech bench erupted with joy as the ball hit the net, while the Portuguese players were left in shock at what they had just seen. Poborsky’s magical moment gave his team a 1-0 lead and helped them move toward the semi-finals.

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