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Given the gaming and esports boom that the world has seen over the last few years, Trinity Gaming, the brainchild of Abhishek Aggarwal and Shivam Rao, was born in 2019 as a platform to help aspiring gamers follow their passion.

Trinity Gaming today works with some of the country’s top gaming professionals and most promising talents to nurture and guide them towards a successful career in the field. Seeing the need for a talent management agency in the field as most of the upcoming gamers lacked the experience to deal with collaborations and brand deals, Trinity Gaming stepped in. Working with more than 200 of India’s top content creators, Trinity Gaming is helping them carve out a successful path for these individuals, as they aspire for a bright future in the industry.

We, at SportsKhabri, had a discussion with Trinity Gaming’s co-founder and CEO, Mr. Abhishek Aggarwal, speaking with him about their journey, the issues they face and the way ahead for esports and gaming in the country.


Q1. Greetings from SportsKhabri! Could you share with us your journey into the gaming industry?

The journey of Trinity Gaming has been a rollercoaster ride, a lot of ups and downs, sun and storms, but at last, Trinity Gaming has managed to make its name in the industry with the help of our staff, who have been with us from the very beginning.

Trinity Gaming began with an objective to provide proper guidance and a clear path to budding gamers. We believed in selfless contribution towards the growth of the gaming and esports industry as this industry has already taken a step towards immense growth. We are delighted that we have more than 250 creators in our family in just two years and numbers are growing every day. Trinity Gaming is determined to make gaming a legitimate career and break the stereotype towards gaming.


Q2. Given the vast market India boasts, what do you think has held back the gaming scene in the country?

The primary reason for the slow growth of the industry has undoubtedly been the stereotypical thoughts towards gaming. Unfortunately, this reason cannot be entirely eliminated until the next few years. But yes, after the grand success of our beloved gaming creators, we are happy that now people of our country have finally started accepting gaming as a career. And we are experiencing a great increase in gaming content creators and influencers.


Q3. Given that esports isn’t recognized as a sport in the country, what are the challenges Trinity Gaming faces with regards to reassuring the upcoming gamers that it is a viable option to make a career out of their passion?

Esports not being recognized is right now the biggest challenge in convincing the audiences to take up gaming. Trinity Gaming does try to motivate gamers to start enhancing their skills in gaming and showcasing them. Maybe a few of the new gamers to take this chance may become the next gaming influencers. Keeping a note of the esports industry’s success rate and growth level, the day is not far when esports will be recognized in India as well.


Q4. What are the commitments provided by Trinity Gaming to assure gamers that it is a solid career option, and how does Trinity Gaming go about nurturing and developing the talents?

Trinity Gaming encourages content creators to keep working towards their dreams, and we provide them with resources. The journey to make it a legitimate career is up to them. We help everyone. Equally, it depends on them on how they utilize the opportunity and leap forward.

Trinity Gaming provides them with graphical, editorial and even mental support so that they keep on chasing what they want. Trinity Gaming has taken the profession to the next level by helping these content creators to monetise their craft via brand campaign partnerships where each of these creators is now proudly serving some of India’s largest brands story experiences.


Q5. Speaking of talents, what are the methods taken by Trinity Gaming to discover new talents? How important is it to have nationwide tournaments and competitions to give opportunities to upcoming gamers?

Trinity Gaming has a talented team of staff members who scout the potential gamers through different gaming platforms, keep a check on their performance, audience interaction level and passion for becoming a great gaming content creator.

I believe nationwide tournaments and competitions give opportunities to professional gamers and encourage new gamers to step into the world of competition. Moreover, healthy competitions also encourage a true essence of sportsmanship and the power to cope with the hardships of the further journey.


Q6. Another major issue faced by the industry in India is sponsorships. What kind of challenges has Trinity Gaming faced in this regard, and what are the ways to overcome these issues? 

At our initial stages, when we just began, we did face issues related to financial support. But as we were determined to make our initiate work, we took the risk of investing our own capital and also came across our first batch of staff members who even worked for free and are still with us to date. With our determination and supporting team, we could easily recover from the financial downfall. The financial factor is one of the most risky factors while starting a business. One needs to believe in oneself. Be determined and always be prepared to take a risk. The journey becomes easier them you have supportive and trustworthy people around you.


Q7. Trinity is also a Creator Service Provider (CSP) for Facebook and is responsible for the Facebook Gaming Partner Program in the South Asian Region. How has that helped you in understanding and working towards a better esports setup for the Indian market?

When we started our journey, all we needed was a great push to leap forward, which we experienced after becoming Creator Service Provider (CSP) for Facebook.

After that, we began understanding the gaming and growth pattern of every individual creator. We understood what areas to work on to help the creator grow. We also understood that every creator has different needs, problems and ways to tackle the situations. Due to this, we began looking over the gaming industry in a more analytics way and came up with strategies that could help the creators, Trinity, and the industry grows all together.

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