5 Reasons Why Advertisers Love Virat Kohli

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King Kohli is accustomed to setting records on the field, and his off-the-field activities are also constantly topping the charts. With a bag full of advertisements and endorsements, the 32-year-old is the richest athlete in India, with a net worth of $130 Million. Here’s a look at what makes him the go-to man for advertisers.


Cricket is the one religion in our country that unites the entire population. And Virat Kohli has been the poster boy of Indian Cricket for a long time now. Leading from the front, Kohli walks onto the field, holding up the hopes of 1.3 billion Indians on his strong shoulders. Undoubtedly, such mass appeal and following is the crucial ingredient in a brand ambassador. Moreover, cricket accounts for 85% of the Indian Sports Economy, and alongside cinema, sport is the biggest entertainment platform in the country. So, who would be a better coice than the man leading the most followed sport in the country to be the face for your brand?


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The biggest cricket league in the world is no less than a festival in India. With seven weeks of intense cricket action on display, Indians are under a cricket fever, with anything related to cricket receiving huge responses. This provides the perfect opportunity for brands to rope in big names like Kohli to attract the attention of potential customers. Moreover, having been associated with only one IPL team through his career, Virat has a huge appeal among RCB fans and the people of Karnataka, enabling companies based there to make use of his loyalty to gain loyal customers.


Cricket can be a cruel game. One day, people are chanting your name with stupor, and the next day, they are burning your images on the road. However, the ICC Cricketer of the Decade has maintained his high standards over a long time, setting new records and smashing existing ones continuously. As a result, his brand value has been consistently rising over the years, as he has been able to etch his name in every household of the country, making sure that people always remember him. This makes him a safe bet for endorsers.


Tracing his origins from a humble background in Delhi, Virat Kohli has written his own fairytale. Kohli is a symbol of determination, hard work, and perseverance in life. This inspirational story is a motivation for every youngster, no matter which field he is pursuing. Seeing Kohli regularly on the field and in advertisements reminds them not to let go of their dreams. Endorsers have cashed in on this awe-inspiring tale by associating with ‘Super V’. Adding to this, the fitness and discipline standards set up by Kohli are a lesson for every budding sportsperson in the country.


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The Indian cricket team captain wears his heart on his sleeve. While many orthodox experts of the game disapprove of his aggressive attitude, the star cricketer has brought about a trend of fearlessness and high intensity in the sport. While this has completely transformed the way India now plays its cricket, it also enables the country’s youth to relate to Kohli. Thus, being a youth figure is another benefit that Kohli brings to the table for endorsers.

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