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Dak Prescott: Brand Endorsements | Investments | Charity Work

June 18, 2023

Born on July 29, 1993, Dak Prescott is an American professional gridiron football player for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

The seasoned player is a quarterback for his NFL side and has won the Pro Bowl on two occasions (2016 and 2018).

Prescott’s net worth is around US$70 million, as reported in February 2023, and he receives a salary of US$40 million a year. He also earns an estimated US$50 million from his sponsorship deals. 


Beats by Dre

Audio products manufacturer Beats by Dre tied Prescott to an endorsement deal in 2017. The brand took to Twitter to announce the partnership. 

Prescott starred in Beats’ ad campaigns alongside other athletes like Tom Brady, LeBron James and Cam Newton. 

Campbell’s Chunky Soup

It was in June 2018 that Prescott signed a multi-year contract with Campbell’s Chunky Soup. Prescott was also named a Campbell’s brand ambassador post-signing. He was to promote the company’s protein-packed range of soup called the “Chunky Maxx”. 

Prescott went on to do promotional shoots, ads and more for Campbell’s, which were featured on his social media handles. 

DirecTV (AT&T)

AT&T-owned video service DirecTV partnered with Prescott for a commercial released in August 2022. The 30-second commercial featured not only the NFL star, but also the cast of The Real Housewives

Prescott also appeared in another commercial for the brand in November 2022, which he also shared on his Instagram account.


In 2019, American convenience store chain 7-Eleven added Prescott to its roster of brand ambassadors. Prescott has since appeared in several social media segments and commercials for the company. 

New Era

Prescott was signed by Buffalo, New York-based American headwear brand New Era in June 2017. Prescott featured in marketing campaigns for the brand throughout that season as part of the deal.

Sleep Number

Prescott has been associated with sleep and wellness brand Sleep Number since 2011. The brand has featured Prescott in several ad campaigns, delivering the message that sleep and recovery are key in people’s lives. 

Prescott has also posted these commercials on his social media handles. 


In January 2018, Prescott signed a deal with Oikos to appear in a commercial that promoted its non-fat yoghurt range. Prescott also posted a short commercial on his Instagram to promote the product. 


PepsiCo’s carbonated drink brand Pepsi signed an agreement with Prescott in May 2017.


The New York-based financial services provider signed Prescott for an entertainment commercial that went live in June 2019. Prescott also put the commercial up on his social media handles. 

Anheuser-Busch InBev

Prescott signed a multi-year agreement with Anheuser Busch in January 2021.

Frito-Lay (Tostitos)

In September 2020, Frito-Lay partnered with several NFL stars to feature in a campaign for that season. Dak Prescott was a part the star-studded roster, alongside Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

However, Prescott’s relationship with Frito-Lay’s tortilla chip brand Tostitos began back in 2017.

Nike (Jordan Brand)

It was in 2021 that Prescott left Adidas and signed a five-year deal with Nike’s Jordan Brand.

At the time of signing the deal, Prescott was the only Dallas Cowboys player to be on the Jordan Brand roster.

Panini America

Panini America, a trading card and collectables manufacturer, has partnered with Prescott among other athletes to make and distribute their collectables among NFL fans. 


Prescott signed a multi-year deal with German sportswear manufacturer Adidas in 2016. He remained with the company for five years, until he signed for Jordan Brand in 2021.

During his time with Adidas, Prescott helped promote the brand, wore its clothing, and posted pictures of himself in Adidas clothing on social media.


In October 2022, energy sparkling water brand Glow announced Prescott and Kylie Jenner as brand ambassadors and equity stakeholders.

Ever since beginning his association with the brand, Prescott has endorsed the same via social media. 


Crypto-trading platform Blockchain.com signed Prescott as its first-ever brand ambassador in 2022.

As per the deal, Prescott features in the company’s commercials, social media marketing campaigns and other crypto-based educational content. 


NFT marketplace Ethernity came together with Prescott to capture moments from the athlete’s career and offer NFTs based on the same.


Golf cart-manufacturer Ezgo on-boarded Prescott to promote its then-latest line of golf carts in 2018. The company even made a Prescott-inspired golf cart, which was promoted via his social media handles. 


Prescott teamed up with coffee machine manufacturer Keurig in May 2017 to promote the company’s then-latest coffee machines.


  • Prescott has invested in OxeFit along with other notable athletes like Harry Kane. OxeFit is a fitness brand that aims to use AI and robotics to improve strength training. In June 2023, OxeFit received about US$45 million by way of funding.
  • Prescott has also invested in RealTruck, an online retailer of US-made truck parts and accessories. He is also a part of the company’s first-ever advisory, which comprises the investors.
  • As far as Prescott’s real estate investments is concerned, he owns a 9,000-square-feet mansion in Prosper, Texas, which is reportedly worth US$3.3 million. The luxuries in the mansion include a sports simulator, a game room, an outdoor pool, and to top it off, a gridiron football field for practice. 
  • Prescott also owns a couple of fancy rides, including a Tesla and a car from luxury SUV manufacturer Escalade.

Charity Work

  • Prescott runs the Faith Fight Finish Foundation (FFF), which aims to improve colon cancer research. The foundation’s goals are also to educate on aspects such as mental health, suicide prevention and help those in adversity. In 2020, the foundation donated US$1 million to better police training and spread awareness of racism after the George Floyd incident. The foundation has also partnered with popular brands such as Albertsons to achieve its goals.  
  • Prescott is also the co-chair of the Children’s Cancer Fund Gala, which looks to raise funds for paediatric cancer and its research every year.
  • On Veterans Day 2022, Prescott teamed up with RealTruck alongside Travis Kelce and George Kittle to present to US veterans and first responders the truck of their dreams.
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